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Physical Therapy

By Taber’s definition, "Physical Therapy is rehabilitation concerned with the restoration of function and prevention of disability following disease, injury, or loss of body part."

Our Physical Therapy department is filled with highly trained therapists, providing expert treatment in Back and Spinal injuries, Orthopedic injuries, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain injury. Clients are provided with individualized treatment plans and home exercise programs to insure the successful completion of their recovery.

Physical Therapy Services Available:
-Manual Therapy
-Myofascial Release
-Muscle Energy Technique
-Strain Counterstrain
-Neural Mobilization
-Joint Mobilization
-Lower Extremity- Trunk Strengthening
-Neuro-Ifrah Techniques
-Balance Assessments
-Balance Reeducation
-Endurance Training
-Gross Motor Coordination
-Pain Management
-Vestibular Rehabilitation
-Gait Training
-Fall Recovery
-Aquatic Therapy
-Transfer Training
-Stair Climbing
-Safety Awareness Training
-Selective Functional Movement Assessment

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